If you were to be charged with a crime or issued a traffic ticket, there’s a chance you will be ordered to appear in court. Depending on the severity of the crime, you may be asked to appear in court several times over an extended period of time. In certain cases, you must agree to show up in court on a set date to face your charges in exchange for your release. If you do not appear as ordered, you will have violated the court order. So what exactly happens if a defendant doesn’t appear in court?

You Could Face Additional Criminal Charges

In the event that you miss your scheduled court date, the judge presiding on your case will issue a bench warrant for your arrest. When it comes to a bench warrant, you can and will be detained if you encounter a police officer for any reason. Regardless, if you are stopped after a car accident or after a traffic stop, an officer has the right to arrest you on the spot.

Your Bail Will Be Forfeited

During normal circumstances, if you as the defendant were to post bail, the amount that was paid will be returned as long as you fully comply with the orders of the court and attend all court dates as instructed; this doesn’t include any administration fees.

In other words, the bail you pay is a monetary promise that you will show up to your court date to face the charges brought against you. If you were to break this promise, the entire amount of the bond will be forfeited to the courts; this can reach into the six or even seven figures depending on your offense. If you used a bail bond agency to post your bail, that agency will be responsible for the full amount.

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