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What the Judge Considers When Deciding Bail

When it comes to bail, there are a number of factors the judge takes into consideration when setting the bail. The reason the judge sets the bail is to ensure that you, the defendant, show up on your court dates. The money is released to you or your bail broker afterwards. If you are waiting for your bail to be posted, it’s best to have an idea beforehand on how the system works. So, what does a judge look at when deciding your bail? Read on and find out what to expect out of the court system.

Severity of the Charge

The kind of crime committed by the accused will help determine the bail amount. Depending on the intensity of the charge, the judge can increase the amount to a figure the accused can’t afford. In the case of a felony charge such as murder, the judge is likely to deny bail to the accused.

Criminal Record

When a bail is set for an individual, someone with a criminal record will have a higher bail than those with a clean record. Also, if the accused has other ongoing cases or even parole, bail may be denied all together.

Flight Risk

If the accused is someone who has skipped a court appearance before, then the judge is likely to deny bail. Not only that, but if the defendant is seen as someone who is likely to flee the country to avoid the court proceedings, it is more likely that bail will be denied. In addition, if the accused is not a US citizen, they will not be granted bail. Even further, the individual will be deported to their country indefinitely.

Witness and Public Relations Interference

If the judge were to believe there is enough evidence that the individual accused will interfere with a witness, bail will likely be denied. For instance, if the person accused were to receive witness information, then there could be a high chance of the accused contacting the witness, which can reduce the case’s strength. The reason behind this is if the accused were to try to persuade the plaintiff to settle, then the whole case could come tumbling down.

In the case that you were to receive a bail option, it is crucial to choose the right bail bond company. That’s where we come in; here at Troy’s Bail Bonds, we have years of experience and are here to help you get out of a bind.

Why You Need Affordable Bail Bonds

Whether you’re looking to get a bail bond for a loved one or if you’re dealing with jail time yourself, your number one priority is most likely finding a way to find one as soon as possible. After all, why would anyone want to stay locked up longer than they have to?

Call a bail bondsman right away in the even of an arrestFirst things first – you should find out what the charges are and the jail the person is in. After that’s been dealt with, make the call to a bail bondsman. Of course, another important consideration is making sure you aren’t being taken advantage of when trying to purchase a bond.

While it’s great to find out upfront what it’s going to cost you, what if you end up spending far more than you expected to? Perhaps you may start to feel like you’re being taken advantage of in this sensitive time. This is especially true if it’s the middle of the night and start to panic. That’s why it’s so important to have a place that offers affordable bail bonds to its clients that are available at any time of the day.

After answering a few important questions including the bail amount, the bondsman will able to get the individual out of jail right away. For your information, a bail bond fee is typically set by state law and is tied to the amount of the bond itself. That means the larger the bond, the larger the fee you will have to contend with.

Since the bond size can vary greatly based on the circumstances such as the judge and court, it may be difficult for people to afford to pay the full amount. That’s why this can be balanced out with having specific programs including low interest rates and payment plans that act to alleviate the stress you may be feeling.

In the modern age, the bail system is simply designed to make sure the person who has been charge prioritizes their court dates and putting some restraints on their liberty. So long as you or a loved check the rate chart to ensure you're not being wrongly chargedone have not been charged with a capital offense that removes the option for bail, you can purchase a bond and experience freedom immediately.

However, due to the aforementioned costs that have to be considered to cover bail, this can hurt the low-income citizens out there. That’s why you should always ask for a rate chart to make sure you are not being wrongly charged.

Some places out there may claim to give a discount on their fees, but you may not realize that by doing so, they are risking losing their license. With the help of a rate chart, you can make sure they aren’t being excessively or unfairly discriminatory in their charges.

This also ties into dealing with a reputable company. By working with a trusted bail bondsman, you can find a competitively-priced bond no one can beat. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or get a second opinion. This is someone’s livelihood we’re talking about, so the more prepared you are, the better!

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