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What the Judge Considers When Deciding Bail

When it comes to bail, there are a number of factors the judge takes into consideration when setting the bail. The reason the judge sets the bail is to ensure that you, the defendant, show up on your court dates. The money is released to you or your bail broker afterwards. If you are waiting for your bail to be posted, it’s best to have an idea beforehand on how the system works. So, what does a judge look at when deciding your bail? Read on and find out what to expect out of the court system.

Severity of the Charge

The kind of crime committed by the accused will help determine the bail amount. Depending on the intensity of the charge, the judge can increase the amount to a figure the accused can’t afford. In the case of a felony charge such as murder, the judge is likely to deny bail to the accused.

Criminal Record

When a bail is set for an individual, someone with a criminal record will have a higher bail than those with a clean record. Also, if the accused has other ongoing cases or even parole, bail may be denied all together.

Flight Risk

If the accused is someone who has skipped a court appearance before, then the judge is likely to deny bail. Not only that, but if the defendant is seen as someone who is likely to flee the country to avoid the court proceedings, it is more likely that bail will be denied. In addition, if the accused is not a US citizen, they will not be granted bail. Even further, the individual will be deported to their country indefinitely.

Witness and Public Relations Interference

If the judge were to believe there is enough evidence that the individual accused will interfere with a witness, bail will likely be denied. For instance, if the person accused were to receive witness information, then there could be a high chance of the accused contacting the witness, which can reduce the case’s strength. The reason behind this is if the accused were to try to persuade the plaintiff to settle, then the whole case could come tumbling down.

In the case that you were to receive a bail option, it is crucial to choose the right bail bond company. That’s where we come in; here at Troy’s Bail Bonds, we have years of experience and are here to help you get out of a bind.

Picking a Local Bail Bondsman

When you reach out for a service, it’s only natural to perform your due diligence and research in order to ensure you’re indeed working with a professional. This holds no less true when beginning the hunt for a bail bondsman. In fact, with so much more at stake, even more research is necessary to really guarantee you’ve found a bondsman you can rely on to preserve your freedom.

Of course, many don’t exactly have a deep well of knowledge and past experience to draw from when dealing with arrests and posting bail. So where is one to even begin when looking for a bail bondsman they can trust? What sort of qualities should one look for? Is the process really as simple as looking online for any other service like repairs or plumbing? Fortunately for those being berated by a relentless flood of questions such as these, we’re geared up and ready to go with a few tried and true steps you can follow sure to lead you down the path to finding a trustworthy bondsman.

Determine the Bail Amount

It should be no surprise that determining the bail amount is the first paramount step in narrowing down your search for the perfect bail bonds agent. Fortunately, you’ll learn your bail amount at the jail. As far as what you can expect, we actually mentioned in a previous post many of the factors that actually go into determining bail amounts! Knowing what to expect based on factors like the severity of your crime, your age, and past criminal history can give you more time to find a bondsman who can front the bill.

Know Your Bondsman’s Fee

Naturally, you wouldn’t go in on any service if you didn’t know how much you were expected to pay. The same goes for bail bonds. One of the first things you should consider before settling on a bail bondsman is the fee they plan on charging once everything is said and done. Laws that determine the fees an agent can charge vary from state to state so perform a few Google searches and be sure to call up and directly ask the bonds team you’ll consider working with.

Ask Around

Now that you know what you’re looking for and how much you’re expected to pay, referrals are going to be your front line defense against untrustworthy bondsmen. Fortunately, there are a wealth of people you can ask for their personal and professional recommendations. Starting with your friends and family, see if you can receive some advice from those who’ve experienced reaching out for bail bonds before.

Asking your lawyer and your detention officer is also a wonderful idea. These professionals have years and years of experience working closely with a number of local bail bond agents and have more of an understanding of which are worth their salt.


The last thing you want to do when it comes to your freedom and rights is jeopardize yourself by settling for the first agent you find online. Keep these tips in mind and work with a professional who can quell your concerns and secure your freedom.

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