Found yourself in jail and need to know what your best choice of action is to be freed as soon as possible? The answer is to post bail. Bail is a set amount of money that needs to be paid in order for a defendant to be freed from jail while they wait for their court date. In the state of Louisiana there are three different ways an individual can post bail. The first is a personal recognizance bond. This is when a defendant is released from jail without having to pay any money for bail. They are released under the written promise to show up for their court hearing. Not all individuals who find themselves in jail get the option of a recognizance bond and find themselves having to get money to post bail. The last two ways to post bail are through a cash bond or surety bond.

A cash bond is used when the defendant is able to pay the full amount stated for bail in cash. At the court hearing the bail paid will be returned to the defendant minus any court fees. This bond can be difficult because bail can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Most individuals do not have that amount of money just laying around to post bail. They can be stuck in jail longer amounts of time. Just waiting for their family or friends to try to put together the amount needed to make the cash bond. This can take days or even weeks. Also any money owed to the state or county will be deducted from the cash bond when returned to the defendant at the court hearing; this includes back taxes owed, child support payments, or court fees.

A surety bond is the quickest and easiest way to post bail. This is when we at Troy Bail Bonds step in to assist you in regaining your freedom from jail. The defendant does not have to come up with the entire amount of bail in cash. The defendant or associate of the defendant comes to us to secure a bond. This individual only has to pay a small percentage of the bail amount to secure a bond from us. A big advantage to this is that the defendant or associate does not have any cash at risk. Back taxes and child support payments will not be deducted from the surety bond. Also the individual can get part of the money they paid to the bondsman back after they go to their court hearing. Possibly the best part is that this route can have a defendant out of jail in as little as four hours! Who doesn’t want that?

We have all found ourselves in a predicament where we need some help. Here at Troy’s Bail Bonds we pride ourself in quality assistance for those in need of a bail bond. Come to us for easy and fast service. We are the key to set you free.