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What To Do if Someone Calls You Asking You To Bail Them From Jail?

Suddenly you’re woken from your sleep by receiving a phone call from a friend or family member asking you to bail them from jail. The call is brief and direct; they need you to get them out of jail now. If you’ve ever been faced with this dilemma you know just how hard it is to know where to go or what to do. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation and are looking for a solution, continue reading this month’s blog!

Do You Want To?

The very first decision you need to make is if you really want to bail this person out. While it might seem easy enough and the least you could do for someone in need, it requires a much more contemplative choice. Regardless of how close you are to this person, you need to really thing about how they are. Is this someone who you can trust to show up to court and not skip town? If you go to the trouble of bailing someone out and then they skip town or flake on their court date, you are left responsible. You will be stuck paying large fines and any owed money to the bondsmen. Before you take the next step in the bail process, really decide if bailing them out is what you want to do. 

Bond Agent

Once you’ve decided to move forward with the bail process, you’ll need to find a reputable bond agent. A bondsman is someone who will give the bail money to the jail so the person can be released. You will be responsible for a fee depending on what the bail is set at, so again be sure you are even financially capable of bailing someone out. A reputable agent will also be there to help walk you through the entire bail process so you can have a direct and better understanding. Each bail situation is unique, so a professional will be able to provide you with exact details you need to know. 

Hold Them Accountable

Once you’ve secured their bond and they are out of jail, you need to make sure they show up to court. It’s not enough to bail them and then forget it ever happened. If they don’t show up to their assigned court date, you will be left paying their bail in its entire. Being left with those fees could put you in a financial crisis. Helping the person stay accountable is not only in their best interest but ultimately yours as well. 


Being able to trust someone and bail them out of jail can be scary and stressful. If you’ve decided to help someone and bail them out, be sure to trust the professionals are Troy’s Bail Bonds to help you!

3 Ways to Post Bail In Louisiana

Found yourself in jail and need to know what your best choice of action is to be freed as soon as possible? The answer is to post bail. Bail is a set amount of money that needs to be paid in order for a defendant to be freed from jail while they wait for their court date. In the state of Louisiana there are three different ways an individual can post bail. The first is a personal recognizance bond. This is when a defendant is released from jail without having to pay any money for bail. They are released under the written promise to show up for their court hearing. Not all individuals who find themselves in jail get the option of a recognizance bond and find themselves having to get money to post bail. The last two ways to post bail are through a cash bond or surety bond.

A cash bond is used when the defendant is able to pay the full amount stated for bail in cash. At the court hearing the bail paid will be returned to the defendant minus any court fees. This bond can be difficult because bail can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Most individuals do not have that amount of money just laying around to post bail. They can be stuck in jail longer amounts of time. Just waiting for their family or friends to try to put together the amount needed to make the cash bond. This can take days or even weeks. Also any money owed to the state or county will be deducted from the cash bond when returned to the defendant at the court hearing; this includes back taxes owed, child support payments, or court fees.

A surety bond is the quickest and easiest way to post bail. This is when we at Troy Bail Bonds step in to assist you in regaining your freedom from jail. The defendant does not have to come up with the entire amount of bail in cash. The defendant or associate of the defendant comes to us to secure a bond. This individual only has to pay a small percentage of the bail amount to secure a bond from us. A big advantage to this is that the defendant or associate does not have any cash at risk. Back taxes and child support payments will not be deducted from the surety bond. Also the individual can get part of the money they paid to the bondsman back after they go to their court hearing. Possibly the best part is that this route can have a defendant out of jail in as little as four hours! Who doesn’t want that?

We have all found ourselves in a predicament where we need some help. Here at Troy’s Bail Bonds we pride ourself in quality assistance for those in need of a bail bond. Come to us for easy and fast service. We are the key to set you free.

Benefits of 24-Hour Bails Bonds

The emotional stress and inconvenience of an arrest is not something to be taken lightly, so when you need to post bail, it’s important to find a bail bonds company with 24-hour amenities. Your release from jail is paramount, so spending the least amount of time locked up will be beneficial for your financial and emotional worries. Learn more in this blog about how 24-hour bail bonds are necessary for any type of jail situation.

Minimize Your Expenses

When you’re behind bars, you won’t have access to your finances. This may hinder your ability to make payments on your home, car, and more. Jose Espinoza Bail Bonds states “failing to post bail and spending months behind bars can lead to loss of employment. Even a few days in jail can mean lost wages and earnings.” So instead of letting your financial state get out of hand, post for bail immediately with 24-hour bail services. You won’t have to stress about waiting to call a bondsman when you have access to these services day and night.

Lessen the Emotional Impact

The anxiety and humiliation from an arrest is amplified when you’re stuck in jail. Whether you have been arrested for an unpaid traffic ticket or something more serious, you want to get out of jail quickly. Find the emotional comfort and peace of mind you’re looking for during a difficult time when you opt for 24-hour bail bonds. You’ll spend less time in jail and come out with less anxiety, which is only possible with around the clock services.

Reduce Jail Time

Securing a release from jail may require paying a cash bond in full, which means that you will need a certain amount of cash to walk free. Arranging this type of bail should be left to an expert bondsman. They will be able to handle the bail process with ease, but expect to pay a fee for their services upfront. “Posting bail can shorten jail time and in many cases those who have been arrested may be released only a few hours after posting bail,” says Jose Espinoza Bail Bonds.

Contact Us

Need to post bail quickly? With Troy’s Bail Bonds, you have our support 24-hours a day. We are here to work quickly and make the bail process simple for you. Get in contact with our bail bondsman today by calling (504) 828-8769 or visiting our website We are “the key to set you free!”

Bail Bonds Basics

Do you find yourself needing to understand more about the bail bonds system in order to better help yourself or a loved one? Understanding how bail bonds work and how the amount is determined can help you in the decision making process. Keep reading to learn more about the basics of bail bonds in order to make the right choice for your specific bail bond needs.

*Note: If you’d first like to know more about what bail bonds are, you can find that information on our blog here.

Coins next to a gavel and bail bond sign.
Coins next to a gavel and bail bond sign.

How do Bail Bonds Work?

Before the actual trial date, an individual who has been charged with a crime will be given a bail hearing with a judge. This is the time where the bail amount is set or denied altogether. Once bail has been set, the defendant is given the options of either staying in jail until the end of the trial, arranging a bail bond, or paying the bail amount in full. A bail bondsman gives a written agreement to the courts to pay the bail in full in the event of the defendant not showing on their court date. Generally, the bondsman will charge 10% of the bail amount up front and will accept most property of value as collateral.

How is the Amount Determined?

During the bail hearing, the amount is determined by the judge presiding over the hearing. The primary factors which contribute to how much an individual will have to pay are the severity of the crime as well as the person’s criminal history. There are also secondary factors to determine the amount which includes the defendants’ personal background and any ties to their community. 

Concept of money next to a gavel.
Concept of money next to a gavel.

What are the Disadvantages?

There are some disadvantages to the bail bonds system in that many, including those in the legal profession, find it to be discriminatory against lower-income individuals. Because these defendants are given the ultimatum of either staying in jail or finding some way to get a 10% cash fee for the bondsman, many are arguing for the bail bonds system to be eliminated entirely.

Conclusions Whether you’re looking to better understand how bail bonds work or you’ve been wondering what the major factors in determining bail are, you should work with a bail bondsman you can trust. At Troy’s Bail Bonds our team will work diligently to provide you with a bail bond you can afford, as well as excellent customer service to help answer any and all of your questions during this stressful time.

A Case for the Continuation of Cash Bails

It may surprise you to find out that the cash bail system is not common to all states, or to the rest of the globe. The reasons for this phenomenon are numerous, but one of the most common objections to bail bonds is the room for abuses that the cash bail system can leave. Do the pros truly outweigh the cons? This blogpost seeks to answer this question.

The pain of the have-nots

In the cases of both England and Canada, posting bail (the surety accepted in exchange for releasing a prisoner) for a price is a crime. In such parts of the world, cash bail is seen as an equivalent to bribing the juror and therefore, an obstruction of justice. For those who can’t afford the bail money, seeing others get bailed out purely because they have enough money can be a time of acute pain and sorrow. Not everyone gets to choose between being trapped behind bars and losing custody of their beloved children; and this is especially sad because many who remain incarcerated often have committed nonviolent crimes, like the violation of probations.

A man behind bars.

The shortcomings of a free-market society

What is missing in the narrative above, however, is that money is a democratizing force also. Most capitalist economies have successfully provided generous welfare benefits and exposed corruption and nepotism; America, in particular, has a plethora of institutions and organizations explicitly designed to help the poor and needy. Although these are far from perfect, they meet many needs of the impoverished, homeless, unemployed, and others who cannot fend for themselves. And the cash bail system, although imperfect, contributes to that impartiality by deterring felons with a big penalty.

Stock market numbers onscreen.

The scary alternative…

Yes, the evils of poverty will always be with us, as long as we are a laissez-faire economy. And this is why we all must work to minimize them. History has shown us that, although such performance-based settings can be exhausting and painful at times, it does set a significant limit on freeloaders and concentrated power. Doing away with the cash bail system would mean the removal of this restraint—and an even more catastrophic situation. California’s attempt to end cash bails is a good example; this effort has forced folks to come up with a reliable means other than cash to determine how to detain criminals. The answer California found was algorithm-based risk assessment. Under this so-called bail reform, the justice system would be free of the biases of crooked judges, but now be enslaved to the mercies of pretrial risk-assessment tools, which can be manipulated by totalitarian governments. This is a dangerous slippery slope, as illustrated by works of science fiction like the film Minority Report, in which people get arrested before their crimes are even committed.

Visualization of big data.


Not only does the cash bail system feed households whose breadwinners are bail bonds persons, but it also wards off things like algorithmic risk assessments. Whether criminals are high-risk or low-risk should be judged by other human beings, since we live under a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” For questions regarding bail bonds, feel free to reach out to Troy’s Bail Bonds!

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